Rot and Ruin By Jonathan Maberry

This is a Zombie book and the first in a series. It’s actually pretty good and has fairly realistic views about a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, as in the adults try to ignore it. It’s a rather thick book, my paperback copy being around 450 pages. The next bit has some spoilers, you have been warned. 

The book takes place a little less than 14 years after ‘The First Night’ which is what they called the day the Zombies appeared. Benny Imura, the main character, turned 15, and if he doesn’t get a job, his rations get cut in half. He doesn’t want to work with his brother Tom, a professional Zombie Hunter, because Benny blames him for their parent’s deaths. Eventually, he gives in and works with Tom. Working with him, Benny learns how cruel the Zombie Hunters are in the Rot and Ruin (what they call the area outside the fenced in town where the zombies are). Benny learns that Zombie Hunters some times kidnap kids and make them fight single handed against Zombies (or Zoms as they are sometimes called) in a place called Gameland. There is a girl who is called The Lost Girl, and she was a living witness of this, and is wanted by Charlie Matthias and his gang.

Tom knew about The Lost Girl and trusted 2 people with the information, the mother of Nix (Benny’s close friend) and an artist. Charlie tried to get the info out of these 2 people and killed the artist by torture and sets it on the Imura’s house. While they are distracted, they kill Nix’s mom and kidnap Nix. Benny and Tom go after them, Benny armed with a bokken (a wooden sword) and Tom with an actual sword. The rest of the story is them going after and fighting Charlie and the other Zombie Hunter’s.  

Spoilers over.

This book has a lot of fighting, and it has blood, gore, and is disgusting at some points. There is very little romance, a few kisses, some crushes, that’s it. This book is best for ages 13+, maybe a little older for people who don’t like a lot of violence.


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