The School For Good And Evil By Soman Chainani.

The first book in The School For Good And Evil series, is a great book. The two main characters are Agatha and Sophie. Sophie is the antagonist, but thinks she’s Good, and Agatha is the protagonist, who is called a witch. They both live in Gavaldon, a small town surrounded on all sides by woods. All Sophie wants to do is get carted away to the School For Good by the Schoolmaster to become a princess. All Agatha wants to do is stay in Gavaldon and for her mom to have more business. This doesn’t happen with Sophie being sent to the Evil tower and Agatha to Good.

After a while, they figure out that to be sent home, Evil (Sophie) needs to find love and have a true loves kiss. She ‘falls’ in love with Tedros, son of Arthur and Guinevere, and has to get him to fall for her. Eventually, Sophie starts having Nemesis Dreams over Agatha. At the same time, Tedros and Agatha start falling for each other. There is a battle, and the Schoolmaster and Sophie both die. Agatha gives her a goodbye kiss, and Sophie comes back to life, and they’re sent back to Gavaldon. Tedros doesn’t want her to go, and reaches out his hand, but she doesn’t take it.

The story overall is well written. The characters are unique and different. The setting is new and creative, and there are great details. The book is probably good for kids ages 12 and up, due to it being a thick book with violence and fighting. There is slight romance, but it is slight. It is a really good book that is great for fairy tale lovers, like me, and so far there are two books in the series.


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