Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson

I absolutely love this series (which is three books so far)! This series is about the Angel family, Maud and Malcolm (the parents), Mathew (oldest, star football player, temper), Katherine (deceased), Harry (artist/musician, highly talented, parents dislike, twin of Tandy, emotional, 16) and Tandy (smart, focused, no emotion, mystery solver), and Hugo (super strength, temper, 10). It comes from Tandy’s point of view as she helps solve who killed her parents in their own home. Along the way, the discover the horrible things their parents have done to make them ‘perfect’. They learn about the supposed ‘vitamins’ their parents fed them that were actually drugs and untraceable steroids to make them stronger, faster, smarter. They also took drugs that attempted to cover emotions, but it only worked on Tandy. Tandy also starts remembering memories of James, a kid she loved but whose memory was wiped completely from her mind.

This book is a must read for mystery lovers. I say great for 12+ due to a fair amount of gore. But you really should read it.


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