Legend by Marie Lu

I got this book at a book fair in 5th grade, and read it in a few days. I absolutely loved it. Since I got it, I have read it about ten more times, if not more. This is a fantastic dystopian novel about two teenagers trying to survive while trying to unravel the secrets about their country. You learn things from June’s point of view and Day’s.

June Iparis is a soldier who is best in all her classes, and is the only one in the country to score a perfect score on the mandatory tests required to pick out the weak ones in society. Day is a criminal, kind of like Robin Hood. He steals from the rich and government and helps the poor. He has been a criminal ever since he flunked the test and was proclaimed dead. After he is framed for the death of June’s older brother, June is sent to find him. You must read this book (and the two other’s) of trust, secrets, betrayal, romance, and action!

Although I read this book at age 10, others might not want to. This book has a lot of violence, blood, and gore. This book has fights, guns, and a lot of people dying. I would probably say 12+, since there is a ton of violence (and romance between the two main characters). But you should seriously read!


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