Prisoner 88 by Leah Pileggi

This is a fantastic story inspired by a 10-year-old boy who got sent to jail in the 1800’s in Idaho. This book is about a boy who gets sent to jail after shooting a man who was about to hurt his dad. He gets sent to an adult, male, jail where he gets picked on, works with hogs, and has to learn to read and write. He gets close to the Crisswell’s, a family in which two people care for the hogs with him, and one helps him read. He makes friends, and at the end of the book he gets pardoned by the Governor and sent to a foster family. He wished to go with the Crisswell’s, but goes to a different one. It does imply that he has a crush on Margaret, the person who taught him to read, and that he will go to school with the Crisswell’s.

I found this book in the Young Adult section of the library. This kind of shocked me due to the fact that it is 146 pages and doesn’t have too bad stuff. It does however describes a pig birth in detail, as well as the aftermath of some prison fights. I would say 11+.


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