A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

Now, if you guessed that this series is based off Brother’s Grimm fairy tales, you are entirely right. This book is about Hansel and Gretel as they go through their own and 8 other stories. This book is very funny the way it is created, and there are 2 others so far in the series. The books don’t follow the same main characters, but follow the same world and some other minor characters in the series.

This book starts and ends with Faithful Johannes, the king’s most faithful servant. When the king falls in love with a picture of a princess, and goes and marries her. This princess is kind of cursed, so every man she marries dies. Johannes hears from three ravens how to stop both of them from dying, but if Johannes told anyone he would turn to stone. The last of which is for involves the blood of her lips and his. The king sees this, misinterprets it, and sentences him to death. Johannes tells the king everything and turns to stone. A little while later, Hansel and Gretel are born. One day, the king, still feeling guilty, hears Johannes talking to him. Johannes says if he cuts of his kid’s head, then he will come back. The king does, and the kids come back to life as well as Johannes coming back. The kids hear what happens, and thinking their parents don’t love them, run away. This starts their adventure.

This book is rather violent and gory at times (I mean, their dad cut off their heads!). A lot of blood. I would say 11+. The next two books are ‘In a Glass Grimmly’ (starring Jack and Jill), and ‘A Grimm Conclusion’ (starring Jorinda and Joringel). This series is seriously awesome.


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