Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson

This is a fantastic series that me and my friends all love. This book is about a group of kids who grew up in a lab because their DNA was changed so it was 98% human, 2% avian. They are broken out of the lab by Jeb, an on/off good guy, and have to fight to stay out.

Meet the flock, Max, who is a girl, (age 14) is leader, Fang is second in command (age 14), Iggy (also 14) is blind, Nudge (11), Gazzy (age 8) is the older brother of Angel (age 6). These guys can kick some serious Eraser (part human part wolf, man-made hunters from the lab sent to bring them back) butt. They all have wings and can fly for a long time, as well as healing fast, and needing a lot of food to function. They are awesome.

I like this book for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that it accurately portrays kids. The kids are between 14 and 6, so they argue, fight, disagree, are emotional, and at one point split up into two teams. I also like how he portrays Ari, Jeb’s son who is 7 but was turned into an Eraser and got bigger and looked older. The author portrayed him as a jealous kid who envies how his dad spends all his time on the flock.

I would say great for 11 or 12+ due to a lot of violence and action, with detailed action and some gore.


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