Ranger Apprentice Series by John Flanagan

This is a great series that so far is 12 books long. It follows Will, an orphaned boy who knows nothing of his past, as no one but one wants him for their apprentice. He ends up training to become a Ranger, who is a protector of a certain part of the kingdom. The series follows him, his teacher Halt, Halt’s past apprentice, Gilan, a warrior in training Will grew up with, Horace, a princess, Cassandra, a diplomat, Alyss, and other’s. They fight many foes and save the kingdom multiple times. It is seriously awesome.

I started reading this series in 4th grade and loved it. I think this book is great for 9 or 10+. Also, if you like this series, I recommend The Brotherband Chronicles. That series takes place in the same world, but a few years later and on another country.


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