The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

This book was amazing and I absolutely loved it. This book brings a different perspective about magic and death, about wizards and warriors. In this book, the main character Jack, lives in the small, rural town of Trinity. The only thing making him different from the other kids in town is the scar over his heart and the medicine he has to take every day. He thinks he is normal, but soon finds out that he belongs to a hidden world of Warriors, Wizards, Enchanters, and more. He learns that instead of having a heart problem he was led to believe, he has a missing ‘stone’, which is behind the heart and gives the Wizards and everyone else their magical ability. He also learns that he was born a Wizard and since his stone was missing, his aunt (an Enchanter) hired a surgeon who placed a Warrior stone in him instead of a Wizard one.

In the course of this book, Jack has to train to be both a wizard and warrior in case he has to fight to the death against another Warrior, which he ends up doing. He battles many people, friends turned foe, Wizards with a grudge, and others.

This book has a lot of violence, but could probably be good for ages 12+. Although, my friend did say that they read it in 5th grade so it could go either way.

This book is the first in a trilogy. I have read two of the three books, this book and the sequel ‘Wizard Heir’. The next book after that is ‘Dragon Heir’. The books are mostly about the same characters, plus or minus a few. Each book focuses on a different character. The books are all really good and I can’t wait to get the third and final book in the series.


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