I Am Number Four

This book was really good. When I was younger, I watched the movie, but completely forgot about more than a few minor details. I read the book and really enjoyed it. The book was great with not-so-cliche aliens, action, and a touch of romance.

In this book, 9 aliens and their guardians flee their home planet when an alien race attacks. The 9 kids all are protected by magic so they can only get killed in the order they were numbered. They go their separate ways and have to dodge the aliens while trying to fit in. The story takes place from Number Four’s point of view as he tries to fit into another small town after Number Three gets killed. There, he deals with a bully, a girl he likes, dodging the radar and bad aliens, and the beginnings of his Legacies, the magical abilities certain people on his planet get. In this book, there is a lot of fighting and aliens kicking other aliens butt.

There is action and gore, not to mention alcohol use and swearing (which kind of made me wonder why I watched the movie when I was 9), so I think 11-12+.


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