Half Upon a Time by James Riley

This is a great first book to a fascinating series. This book is based off fairy tales and is in a world of magic. In this book, you meet Jack, a poor farm boy living in a small kingdom with his grandfather. His grandfather was a great adventurer and his father is missing ever since an incident with a beanstalk and giant. Jack’s grandfather keeps trying to get Jack to go out and find a princess. Problem is, Jack hates royals. Then you meet May, a girl from our time who falls from the sky out of a ring of fire at Jack’s feet. She’s wearing a punk princess shirt and so everyone assumes she’s a princess. She, along with Jack and Prince Phillip, is looking for her grandmother who Jack thinks is Snow White. They go on an adventure to find an rescue May’s Grandmother, facing giants, fairies, and others straight out of fairy tales. I loved this book because of the adventure and comedy of it.

This is the first book is the first in a trilogy that is great. On his website, it says ages 8+, which I agree with. Even if your older than that though, you will still love it. This is a thicker book, and has some violence, but not a lot. I do highly recommend.


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