Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

This book was really fantastic. It has so many twists and turns and surprises. I read it in only a few days. The story plot is interesting, the characters are great, and the mystery is the best.

This book takes place a few years after the Jack the Ripper killings in White Chapel. Except, this book takes place in New York City. The main characters are Carver Young, Delia, Finn, Mr.Hawking, and Jack the Ripper. Carver just wants to find his dad and gets adopted from an orphanage by retired detective Mr.Hawking and is allowed to do so. Delia wants to be a reporter and gets adopted by two people at the Times and gets to work there. Finn was a bully at the orphanage and wants to stay top dog and be with his gang, but it doesn’t work out that way when he gets adopted by the district attorney and his wife so they look good. Together they figure out who Jack the Ripper is and the mystery of Carver’s past.

This book is really good, but is violent and gory, so I would say 12+ (since this is Jack the Ripper). I highly recommend!


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