The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

This was better than I expected. No offense to all James Dashner (who wrote the Maze Runner series which is being turned into movies) fans, but I sometimes find that books that become movies and suddenly become a must read aren’t too great. I’m not saying all books turned movies are bad, I’m just saying some aren’t as great as people make them. I haven’t read the Maze Runner yet, but have seen the movie, so I didn’t know what to expect of The Eye of Minds. It was actually rather good, despite some choppier areas and some confusing bits. I, in general, love dystopian novels, and I enjoyed this one.

This book is about a virtual world, which I kind of wanted to visit, where coding and gaming skills rein supreme against beauty and money. In this virtual world, death only delays your goals. Nothing bad happens, you feel the pain but awake safe and sound in your coffin. Then, there’s a new kind of danger. His name is Kaine and he’s a dangerous gamer who is trying to achieve something dangerous. He has also created creatures that can kill, in both your real life and virtual life. Michael and his two friends are sent to find him, and they’re told that when they find his hideout, the VNS (the people that told them to find Kaine) will find them and take out Kaine. They then go on a journey to find Kaine and find out some pretty big secrets.

This book was good and had some major plot twists. It was violent, creative, and pretty awesome. I would say 12+, but there was the suicide of a girl at the beginning, and one part is pretty violent. The sequel is The Rule of Thoughts and I can’t wait to read it.


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