Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

If you read what I said about the ‘Fault in Our Stars’, you would know I dislike sad books. And this was indeed a sad book. But, what can you expect from a book about World War II in Warsaw. This book is sad, and you shouldn’t get attached to any character’s.

This book takes place from a boy who is a thief in Warsaw at the beginning of WWII. He knows nothing of his past, no name, no age, no memory of his family. He meets Uri, a boy who takes him in and keeps him alive. Uri gives the main character the name Misha, and also makes up a back story for Misha to hold on to. They navigate the streets, stealing food for themselves and others. Then, more of the war reaches them and Misha gets caught up in it.

This book is about something that happened that was terrible. So, the writing has words and thoughts about Jewish people and Gypsies that is offensive. There is slander, swears, and other time period related stuff. I would say 14+.


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