The Princess Bride by William Golding

I wanted to read this book ever since I had watched the movie years ago. When I got it for Christmas, I was super happy. Then came the problem of reading it, since my copy was 450 pages long. Goldman tries to play this book off as an abridgment of a book written by Morgenstern, but it’s not. At the beginning and end, he also has a lot of pages of him and how he didn’t write this book. And during the book he will put his thoughts in. For me, this was a bit annoying and I feel that I would have enjoyed the book more without this. But, other people might enjoy that factor.

This book is all about true love, pirates, action, a kidnapping. It follows Buttercup, a beautiful young woman who Westley is in love with. Then, she falls in love with him. He goes to America to become rich while she stays on her farm. The ship he was on was attacked by pirates and he was believed to be dead. Buttercup kept on getting more and more beautiful and Prince Humperdink wishes to marry her. She says she will, but will never love again. Then, before the marriage happens, she gets kidnapped by three men. I’m pretty sure most know what happens next.

This book has violence, cliffhangers, some language, fighting, one character goes on a brandy drinking binge, and some romance. I would say 10/11+, as this book is more geared for tweens and teens.


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