The Golden Day by Ursula Dubosarsky

This book was beautiful, eloquent, and wonderful with an open ending that made me think and consider what might have happened. This book’s writing is beautiful and I was hooked by the first sentence. It left me wondering. I got this book at the library today and it’s already finished, 4 hours later. This book was shot (140 pages), but did not feel brief. It was not lacking in parts.

This book is about a class of 11 girls in Sydney, Australia in the year 1968. In the book they have a teacher who’s different from the old, stuffy teacher’s at the fancy school they go to. Their teacher takes them on trips to a close by park where they write poetry or learn from the man that works there, Morgan. They all think their teacher, Miss Renshaw loves him. One day, Morgan and Miss Renshaw take the 11 girls to a cave where Aboriginals supposedly painted on the cave walls. Miss Renshaw, like all the other times they go to the park to see Morgan, tells them not to tell anyone. They girls don’t like it in the cave, so they while Morgan and Miss Renshaw are still in there. They wait on the beach, but they don’t come out. They wait for a while before searching in the park and heading back to school.

The teacher’s find out that Miss Renshaw is missing, but the girls don’t tell the specifics, since they promised not to. They are wracked with guilt and don’t know what to do. Then One person tells. This story deals with guilt, with secrets. With what something like this does to a class of 11 girls around 10 years old. With what happens after.

I honestly really liked this book. I thought it was beautiful. This book is recommended for ages 12+, and I think it’d be good for ages 11-14. It was a very good book though.


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