On The Day I Died by Candace Fleming

I saw this book in the library and was psyched to read it. It had all the elements to make a good book. It had a ghostly hitch hiker, a grave yard for teenagers, and the human character trapped until he hears the ghosts tales about the day they died. I was really excited to read this book. The beginning and 1st story were really good, and I liked them a lot. Then the stories got worse. Now I know when you have a story with ghosts it’s straight up fiction, but some of the stories were ridiculous. One story had giant insta-grow pets that ate people and a lazer gun. One had a wish granting monkey paw. They just weren’t realistic.

Also, most of these stories were retelling of other stories. I didn’t notice much, since I hadn’t read the original, but that might bug others. And, besides all the kids dying in Chicago, the stories were not connected. Sometimes it felt that the stories were purely there to fill in the pages. And at the end, it felt like it was a book just to teach you a lesson about driving too fast. The writing was okay, but this book didn’t feel like it had a plot, at all.

This book is good for 11-14, since it has some gruesomeness and gore. And is a bit creepy at times.


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