Doormat by Kelly McWilliams

I went to the library over the weekend and my friend got this book. Since she was at my house, I decided to read it. At first, my thoughts were along the line of ‘Oh, this is just another sappy girly book’. So I started reading this and actually really liked it. It is about a topic that is realistic, which is teen pregnancy. In this book Jaime’s best friend, Melissa, tells her she thinks she’s pregnant. Of course, Jaime helps but the thanks she gets is Melissa yelling at her. A few major problems are that Melissa is 14 and that she won’t tell her parents. This is kind of like the best friend’s point of view of teen pregnancy.

Since this was the first book I have read on this topic, the theme didn’t feel tired or repetitive to me. It might though if you are a person who reads a lot of books like that. A thing I find great is how this author is 15 years old, and this is her first published book. This means she can really relate when she writes books about teens. I know this book was quick and a little rushed, but it was her first book and effective by drawing the reader’s attention. Another thing I like is how the author nails two important topics: teen pregnancy and doormat syndrome. It talks about the latter of the two in a discreet manner that is still effective.

This book has nothing too bad in it, so I guess kids in sixth grade up would be able to read it. Although, I think that people near age 14 would like it and relate to it more.


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