My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

I admit, I did not like this book. This book takes place at the beginning of the Revolutionary War from the point of view of Tim Meeker. Tim is the son of a tavern keeper who’s brother, Sam, is in college. Then Sam joins the war as part of the Patriots, but his family are Tories. Tim is confused by the war and two sides, not knowing which side is he should align himself with.

There were many things I didn’t like in this book. For one, some of the gory scenes were a bit too descriptive. Another thing I didn’t like was how the book made the Revolutionary War seem like a very small thing that didn’t really matter. The book also made all soldiers seem horrible. And it made Generals and all those other important military men seem like all they wanted was to teach soldiers a lesson, not even caring if they were guilty or not. And for the majority of the book, it made it seem like the Patriots were the bad guys and the British were the good. Also, the title spoiled what happened on the last page of the book. 

The writing, however, wasn’t terrible. And I guess you could call this a different perspective on the Revolutionary War. You could also call it a book showing how the war impacted ordinary peoples lives. But, that was not my thinking as I read this.

This book had violence, gore, and some other stuff. It’s best for ages 12+.


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