Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

At times I think of this book and love. Other times I hate it. Mostly, my feelings are of strong dislike.

This book is about Violet White. She lives in a small town with only her twin brother in a giant house. Her parents are touring Europe and wasting the last of the money. When Violet runs out, she rents the guest house. River West rents it out, then mysterious things start happening in the small town.

First, for the things I liked. The writing was pretty good, and I loved the details of the mansion the White’s live in. That is where the pro’s end and the con’s begin. Let’s start with the way the characters were described. Violet’s twin, Luke, is described as a mean, sexist, bully. That is told at the beginning and not really mentioned that much in the rest. The only way Sunshine Black, Violet’s only friend or neighbor, is described is as a slut. Every time she is described or thought about. Then, there is Violet’s character. The story is written from her point of view, which is very immature at times. Whenever her brother and Sunshine are flirting, Violet stops it. Violet is also supposed to be very smart, and this is shown by constant quotes from books and poems. Violet also lives in the past by sleeping in her dead grandmother’s room, wearing her clothes, and reading her letters.

There is also pretty much no plot until the last hundred pages. And towards the end, it felt like the author was running out of ideas, and started making everyone related to someone. And then added brand new brothers of River West. None of the characters were that good or changed. To be honest, River’s younger brother Neely was the most interesting character. Then there is the issue of how even though River is a killer who doesn’t even think what he does is wrong, Violet still loves him. And the fact that when he comes to read the guest house, she doesn’t ask for any references or identification. And soon after, she starts sleeping next to him. And kissing him.

This book has violence, gore, and some romance. I would say 14/15+, if you wish to read this.


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