I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

It has been far too long in my opinion since I have reviewed a book, so here it goes. This book is one that I had been waiting for for a while, and I finally got it on my kindle in the beginning of April. I read it and loved it.

This book is truly amazing. It makes you think, it makes you wonder, and it will creep you out. It sure creeped me out at times. This book follows Jazz, who is the son of an infamous serial killer named Billy Dent. But, Billy has been locked up for a few years. Jazz wants to live a normal life, but that’s hard since his dad has been teaching him how to kill since he was little. Now, bodies are piling up in the small town he lives in, and he’s the only one who knows how a serial killer thinks.

This book is violent. Like, really, really, really violent. There is some major gore at parts. There is also mentions of, well, serial killy stuff, like cutting people up, mentions of rape, and other stuff. I recommend for older teens. But this book is amazing, and I do think people should read it. Apparently, there’s a T.V. series being made but it doesn’t look that good since they made Jazz a girl (which I find weird). But this book is amazing!


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