The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

First off, I can’t believe I’m only getting into this series now. I read the first book a few years ago and thought, ‘Yeah, that was a good book. I might read the second’ but I wasn’t really into it. All I really remembered was the movie based off the book since I’ve seen it twice (and until yesterday only read the book once) and I’ve seen it more recently. But I had a friend into it, and I’ve heard really good things about this series from both young and old (well, old in my joking sense, which is college age). I was at a used book store yesterday and decided to pick up a copy of the second book, ‘Sea of Monsters’. On the way home, it was clear after the first 40 something pages that I needed to reread the first one. What’s great about this series is that I was excited to do this. So when I got home I rushed of to my room, hoping that I kept ‘Lightning Thief’. I did. I read that whole book that night, in just a few hours. And it was even better than I remembered.

This book follows Percy Jackson as he has a weird experience during a field trip, ditches his friend and goes to a beach with his mom, finds out that he’s a demigod, goes to a weird camp in upstate New York, kills a Minotaur, gets hurt, believes he’s a demigod, finds out who his dad is, and sets off with Grover and Annabeth on a crazy quest to stop a war between the gods. This book is action packed and never boring, with the occasional humor sprinkled throughout. I fell in love with this world of gods, goddesses, and demigods. With monsters and heroes. With magic and Mist. With good and evil and all the blurred lines in between. There were some things that I didn’t like as much, though. At parts it seemed like it was one monster battle after another. Like it was two action packed. Also, I thought I noticed one or two spelling mistakes or wrong words used. But the main thing that irritated me about this series was the movies based off the books. The movies did not really follow the book that well and changed a lot of things. The books, like usual, were way better.

This series is great, and although action packed, not too graphic. This book would be good for 10+, but would really be great for teens as well as 10-year-olds.


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