Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks

This book was just…wow. I am pretty much wordless. It was just so amazing. It was one of those books that you want to read fast to find out how it ends, yet you want it to go on forever. I read this book the same weekend that I read two mediocre books, and this book was a nice change to that.

In this book (this fabulous, fabulous book) Ruben’s 19-year-old older sister is raped and murdered. He senses things, and sensed it, but didn’t tell. Afterward, he and his brother Cole (also older at 17, and Ruben 14) set off to find who did it so they can bring back their sister’s body for burial. This is a powerful book that makes you think and weaves in a number of topics like murder, family, racism, violence, love, and how dangerous big business and wealthy men can be.

This book has a lot of violence (I mean, it is about a murder) and other darker things. 13/14+, I think would be best. But this is a powerful book that is amazing.


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