The Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney

This is a series where the writing isn’t great, but it’s occasionally entertaining. Or I thought until I read the third book and was pretty much swearing as I tried to finish it. While reading reviews of this book on Amazon after I read it, most of my thoughts after so many five star ratings were ‘Did I read a separate book or something?’

This book took place in a world with witches and monsters and ghosts. In this world, there’s a Spook, someone who deals with the disposing of these monsters. A Spook and there apprentice must be the seventh son of a seventh son, and the apprentice in this case is Tom. He trains and learns and makes mistakes and deals with the witches and stuff.

Well, it wasn’t a particularly great series. The writing wasn’t the greatest and the titles are really, really corny. And the characters seemed to be so dumb at times and occasionally, the dialogue made me want to scream. So did the characters. And to me, it just wasn’t that scary. And it just dragged at times. But, I did enjoy the second book, so maybe I will try and get through the fourth. This series also seemed a lot like another series (one I love) which is the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. That series is amazing and I recommend it for all ages, genders, and for lovers, haters, and people who haven’t even read the Last Apprentice series.

The Last Apprentice series is violent and gory at times and may or may not (okay, does) include witches who cast spells using baby’s bones. Probably best for 10+.


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