Geography Club by Brent Hartinger

I had learned about this book on Goodreads and then immediately wanted to read it. Sadly, for the longest time I couldn’t find this book in my local library. But then one day, when I was in the library looking for whatever I was looking for (I have what I call, a selective memory where I can’t choose what I remember) and suddenly, the last name Hartinger stuck out in my mind. And then I found this book! I thought it was fate or book destiny that lead me too this book I had wanted to read for months.

Then I started the book.

This book follows Russel in his conservative high school where he’s the only gay kid, but then finds out he isn’t and then he and the other gay/lesbian/bi kids form a club called the Geography Club. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

I had a few issues with the writing style. It was simpler and used, in my opinion, too many exclamation points and the foreshadowing was terrible. And since it was written in a simple, easy to read style, it was shocking whenever bigger swears or more inappropriate matter was discussed. Also many parts of this seemed too coincidental. That kind of annoyed me.

This book made me laugh, made me nearly cry (something that’s rather hard to explain in a car ride with one’s parents), and ultimately in the end, broke my heart. There were good things in this book, and I will forever remember it.


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