The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

There’s a used book store near where I live, and that is where I got this book. My friend read the back, handed it to me, and said, “you should read this.” So, I picked it up and did. And I loved this book a lot, devouring it in a few days.

This book takes place in Britain at the beginning of World War II, and follows David. After the death of his mother, they move to a house of his father’s new wife in the country side. His room is basically a library, and he falls into the world of books, with struggling to death with his new step mother and half brother. Then, he starts seeing things. Then, he gets trapped in a magical world.

There are a lot of things nicely done in this book. The imagery is wonderful, and it blends and mixes fairy tales in a way that is new and I just really, really loved. This book is written for adults but in a way that appeals to them and teens. I made my mother read this and she said at first it felt a little young but then she fell in love with it.

There is fantasy violence, some dark themes, and other content similar. I would say 13+. I highly recommend.


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