Luna by Julie Anne Peters

I liked this book. Although, my family might not have enjoyed my reading of it, as I am the occasional loud or expressive reader. This book a girl’s struggle with her brother being transgender, going by Luna and dressing in dresses and heels. Although I did like this book, I had a bit of a hard time seeing who this book was supposed to be about, or what the major plot was. Since the book is entirely through Regan, the sister’s, eyes.

What was nice about this, however, was how it depicted transphobia in various communities, and the struggle for families to accept a person’s change in gender. Sadly, I could not like Regan that much. I felt she was on the selfish and uncaring side, however I was at the age she is depicted already involved in the LGBT+ community, so I learned quickly how to act and that everyone is accepted, as long as their not mean spirited.

I guess I was expecting slightly more, but this would be a good jump start into YA LGBT+ fiction, for those who don’t have their footing yet. This book has some content more suited for teens, like past suicidal thoughts/intents, transphobia, and I think some transphobic slurs. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll try to upload more reviews of LGBT fiction.


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