A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I am not always bright, and the main reason why I wanted to read this was because my mom told me that I couldn’t. There were other reasons, like the fact that three good friends liked this series, one of which whom whenever recommends a book I drop everything to read it. So, finally, my folks let me read it, even though I had already read a good part without them knowing. And, where my mom hated this book, I liked it. A lot. I mean, so much that I finished that giant books, finished the 1000+ page sequel, and am now nearly halfway through the 1000+ page 3rd book.

This book is pretty well loved, and has received mixed reviews. A lot of the negative reviews come from people who didn’t agree with the praise laid on it as unique, or who thought the writing was crap, or thought the plot was too confusing. I can’t really say too much on the uniqueness of this novel, as I don’t usually read this type of fantasy. The writing wasn’t the best, but it was better than some of read. And, to be honest, this book is pretty confusing.

This book follows a crap ton of people, mostly if not entirely nobles, as they deal with the prospect of the throne of this land. The current king hasn’t been on the throne for very long, and is the first of his lineage, so everything is pretty rocky. Some people in this book are all about honor, some are about power, and there’s also a lot of viewpoints from children which vary in what they want. This book is filled with fighting and political danger and decisions, which I liked.

Another thing I liked was how different all the characters are, which must not have been to easy as each book contains half a dozen or more point of views, and too many side characters to keep track of sometimes. But all the main characters are unique, from looks to personality. Also, even though this book is set in a time period where women are seen as property, all the female characters, which there are a lot of, are depicted as fleshed out and strong in some way. I liked that.

This book is not for the faint of heart. Scenes are pretty brief, but there is some pretty graphic stuff. Rape is described, beheadings, murder, semi-graphic sex scenes, rape of children, characters frequent brothels, a large amount of very vulgar language, some detailed incest, and more. I can’t really stick an age on this book. I would recommend it, though, for more grownup teens and adults, and people that aren’t too bothered by this stuff. I know people who started this series at age 14 and were fine, and full fledged adults who couldn’t handle it.

If you are interested in this book series, I will tell you that the first 100 pages are the hardest. There’s a lot of characters and plot points and stuff to wrap your head around. Also, DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO ANYTHING. PEOPLE, ANIMALS, AND EVEN OBJECTS.  Pretty much, everything dies or has horrible stuff happen to them. Also, you’ll want to punch Joffrey. It’s okay. We all do.



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