Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

A lot of books I rate on this blog are books I really, really like. This book is no exception. I loved this book, evident by me reading it in just 2 days. This author has also penned the Shatter Me series, but I haven’t yet read those. What I can say is that her first middle grade book was well done.

It takes place in a magical world where color is everything and magic is ranked. People have to go on adventures for the greater good of their land, based on how awesome your magic is. The main character is a bit of an outcast, since unlike everyone else, she’s colorless. The only spot of color is the occasional red tint to her cheeks and her eyes.  She also has a magic that no one else has, and she doesn’t like to admit. Her dad’s missing, and a boy she knows named Oliver gets tasked with finding him. And he needs Alice’s help. This is where it really gets fun.

They travel all over a fantastical world out of their town of Ferenwood, into Furthermore. Here, they face many challenges and have to work together, which is difficult since Oliver and her do not get along well.

I liked this book a lot. I liked the uniqueness and whimsicalness and the relationships. I loved the adventure of it. In books like these, in middle grade fiction, I like adventure and friendship and a sense of wonder. I feel like this book emulates that.

This book would be great for middle grade kids. Probably 6th grade up, catch my drift? But I’m sure younger kids would like it too, though it is a bit longer than some, at around 400 pages. I know when I was younger, it would take a special book for me to read it, if it was on the longer side. I have a feeling that I would have liked this book, had it been out when I was younger.


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