Hellsing by Kohta Hirano

This is one gory stinkin’ book. Like seriously, at times it’s like a never ending gore train. It follows this secret organization, Hellsing, that is led by this Lord and her vampire coworker. I know, I know. Vampires? But these are the cool ones. These don’t sparkle, aren’t good, and are pure weapons of mass destruction.

So, way cool.

Together along with others, they battle baddies and goodies who are more like baddies in a wonderful array of blood.

There are swears. Don’t remember the severity, but swears there are. And the gore is pretty gory. Like, during this one part the head vampire cuts of the top of this guys skull and drips the blood into his mouth. I mean for a manga it’s not that bad violence wise, but still. Can’t say to much on other factors as I’ve only read the first few. But I think this is a great manga for mature teens who don’t mind a little gore in their plotlines.


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