Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I finally read this book, after being pretty horrified after watching the movie when it came out when I was younger. Well, my aunt and mother did tell me I was too young. But this book was pretty dang awesome. It’s a short, quick read but doesn’t feel lacking. And it was so good, my mother read it after me and loved it so much she wants to read more by him.

It follows a girl named Coraline and her otherworldly adventures with her other mother and what a life there would be like. Coraline, as a character, is just great. She’s imaginative, creative, and adventurous.

I would say upper middle grade for this one, maybe younger if you don’t mind spooks here and there and creepy other mothers with button eyes. Great role model for young kids though. 11+, I think. But not just for kids, mothers too enjoy this book. And, if you or your family or whoever likes this book, be sure to check out Neil Gaiman’s other sorta multi genre and age novel, The Graveyard Book.


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