The Enemy by Charlie Higson

A mild warning before you choose to read this book: I do not recommend reading while your depressed. It doesn’t end well. Read this when your in a good mood and can handle a bunch of kids dying and surviving the zombie apocalypse where adults are the bad guys.

I liked this book, once I finally read it when I was in an okay place. I liked the dynamics, the characters I thought were well done, and I liked the setting and language use. This book takes place in London, from the point of view of kids. Yeah, it’s not too unique in the term of zombie novel/movie/show criteria, but since there’s not an excess of young adult zombie fiction that’s well done, this stands out.

It’s gloomy, dreary, just a bit gruesome and definitely violent. There’s death. Fear. Hanging on the edge of your seat tension. But I liked it. I recommend it, if you can handle the grimness. 13+ is what I’d say.


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