Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky

This book broke my heart, and mended it back together. I may have teared up. That’s entirely possible. And that would have been okay. Cuz jeepers, what a book this was.

Grayson is a 12 year old who lives two lives – the one in public, a shy and timid boy, and the one she really is, the one when she’s home alone and can be a girl. And in this way, she lives. Until she auditions for Persephone in a school play, auditions for a girl part, and gets it. And rocks it.

This book has amazing character development, an amazing plot rife with social battles and at-home issues and bullying and transgender rights, and just everything. After she gets the part, it’s a long struggle between then and the play. But the way it’s done is amazing. I always recommend it to all friends looking for LGBT+ reads.

I think what I really like is not only the writing style and the plot and characterization, is how it’s middle grade so it’s written for and about tweens in a way that’s awesome. I would say the content is appropriate for sixth or fifth grade plus. It might be a nice introduction to transgender issues at an easy level, or at least awareness to what it is. I highly recommend.


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