Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I am not the most normal person when it comes to reading books. Keep that in mind when I tell you I wanted to hate this book. I got to choose from three books in English to read, and this seemed the least likely to make me want to pull my hair out. And part of me wanted to hate it.

There are a couple of instances where there are books or series that I love to hate. It’s just, I dunno, joyful. This one I just wanted to hate on principle. I don’t read books like this, where it’s all romance and gooey feelings packaged around pretty words. I can list things I didn’t like; the language use seemed unrealistic, the only plot was love, some of the characters seemed like boards of people with the occasional snap of humanity. Yet, throughout this, in the end I liked it.

Elizabeth Bennet, of which whom this novel most closely follows, is rather funny at times, the dialogue toes the line of humor, and some of the characters break the bounds of what was proper. That was what I liked, that and the talked about subjects still discussed today.

There aren’t really warnings on this. If you can understand the first few chapters, don’t mind a dialogue based plot primarily about marriage, and dialogue that makes you wonder if people actually spoke like that, then you’re good. Enjoy, ya lil freaks. We all know I begrudgingly did.