The Enemy by Charlie Higson

A mild warning before you choose to read this book: I do not recommend reading while your depressed. It doesn’t end well. Read this when your in a good mood and can handle a bunch of kids dying and surviving the zombie apocalypse where adults are the bad guys.

I liked this book, once I finally read it when I was in an okay place. I liked the dynamics, the characters I thought were well done, and I liked the setting and language use. This book takes place in London, from the point of view of kids. Yeah, it’s not too unique in the term of zombie novel/movie/show criteria, but since there’s not an excess of young adult zombie fiction that’s well done, this stands out.

It’s gloomy, dreary, just a bit gruesome and definitely violent. There’s death. Fear. Hanging on the edge of your seat tension. But I liked it. I recommend it, if you can handle the grimness. 13+ is what I’d say.


Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

This book was definitely not my favorite and I don’t know if I’ll read the sequel. I read this over the weekend on the way to my grandmother’s house, so I have had a lot of time to think about it. To be honest, parts of it were really good while others left me cringing and skipping ahead a few pages. Although this is a dystopian novel, I found it rather lacking in that area. In this book, 14 kids and teens of various ages are trapped in a superstore while natural and chemical disasters are destroying the world outside. It starts with a major hail storm and ends with a chemical spill. The science behind the storms seems iffy, and the part where the chemicals affect people of various blood types makes no logical sense.

Few characters seemed realistic and although thisĀ reads like a Middle Grade book, there are parts which make this best for older teens. For one, there are many parts describing a 13-year-old girl as a slut, which rather bothered me. Then that same girl is nearly raped by an adult. Also it seems like every other chapter some of the teens were getting drunk, high, or generally acting inappropriate. And this is in the presence of a bunch of impressionable elementary school kids. And while a few of the teens are doing this, the others don’t try to hide the prescription drugs and alcohol from them or try to get them to stop. One of the chapters is literally called ‘Rum’ and another is ‘We Get High’. It shows women in a bad light and the book feels plotless. There’s sexual content and Dean’s feelings for Astrid get creepy. This book was just…weird and I’m debating whether or not to finish the series.

I would say this book would be best older teens. If you choose to read it. Some parts I like but others I really just didn’t.

The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

This was better than I expected. No offense to all James Dashner (who wrote the Maze Runner series which is being turned into movies) fans, but I sometimes find that books that become movies and suddenly become a must read aren’t too great. I’m not saying all books turned movies are bad, I’m just saying some aren’t as great as people make them. I haven’t read the Maze Runner yet, but have seen the movie, so I didn’t know what to expect of The Eye of Minds. It was actually rather good, despite some choppier areas and some confusing bits. I, in general, love dystopian novels, and I enjoyed this one.

This book isĀ about a virtual world, which I kind of wanted to visit, where coding and gaming skills rein supreme against beauty and money. In this virtual world, death only delays your goals. Nothing bad happens, you feel the pain but awake safe and sound in your coffin. Then, there’s a new kind of danger. His name is Kaine and he’s a dangerous gamer who is trying to achieve something dangerous. He has also created creatures that can kill, in both your real life and virtual life. Michael and his two friends are sent to find him, and they’re told that when they find his hideout, the VNS (the people that told them to find Kaine) will find them and take out Kaine. They then go on a journey to find Kaine and find out some pretty big secrets.

This book was good and had some major plot twists. It was violent, creative, and pretty awesome. I would say 12+, but there was the suicide of a girl at the beginning, and one part is pretty violent. The sequel is The Rule of Thoughts and I can’t wait to read it.

Legend by Marie Lu

I got this book at a book fair in 5th grade, and read it in a few days. I absolutely loved it. Since I got it, I have read it about ten more times, if not more. This is a fantastic dystopian novel about two teenagers trying to survive while trying to unravel the secrets about their country. You learn things from June’s point of view and Day’s.

June Iparis is a soldier who is best in all her classes, and is the only one in the country to score a perfect score on the mandatory tests required to pick out the weak ones in society. Day is a criminal, kind of like Robin Hood. He steals from the rich and government and helps the poor. He has been a criminal ever since he flunked the test and was proclaimed dead. After he is framed for the death of June’s older brother, June is sent to find him. You must read this book (and the two other’s) of trust, secrets, betrayal, romance, and action!

Although I read this book at age 10, others might not want to. This book has a lot of violence, blood, and gore. This book has fights, guns, and a lot of people dying. I would probably say 12+, since there is a ton of violence (and romance between the two main characters). But you should seriously read!

Stung by Bethany Wiggins

This is a great dystopian novel that I read in a long car trip, then immediately got the sequel.

In this great book, the bees are dying. The government does something to the bees to make them resistant to viruses and pesticides and stuff. Then, the bees sting people which causes the people to die. The government gives a vaccine to people who will be good for the future. When these vaccinated people start turning into monsters, or Beasts, the government does something that kills all life and people set up colonies with protection against the monsters and bad people. Then, a girl named Fiona wakes up outside a colony without remembering when she fell asleep. It turns out she had been cured and now has to navigate a dangerous and destroyed world with the help of a friend, and figure out how to get back safely. Along the way she discovers traitors, friends, bad people, and a horrid use for Beasts.

I would say 13+ for blood, gore, violence, mentions of a group of people that rape woman, and some kissing scenes. Very good book and the sequel is called Cured.