LGBT Books

So, there are a lot of LGBT books out there, a lot of them unknown. It will take me forever to read and review them all, though I do wish to do that :]. I made a list though, of all the LGBT books I either want to read, have read, or found that looked interesting. I hope you guys enjoy it!

List Here


My List Of World War II Books You Should Read

First Book on this list is ‘The Devil’s Arithmetic’ by Jane Yolen. This book is about a girl in the 80’s or 90’s who is transported back into a Polish village in the 40’s. It’s a book about remembering and the Holocaust that’s short and easy to understand. I liked this book a lot when I read it a few years ago. Good for kids 10+.

The next book is ‘Number the Stars’ by Lois Lowry. Where the first book is about Jewish people in concentration camps, this one is about a girl in Denmark observing the Danish Resistance as her family helps. This book is also short and would be good for ages 9+. I read this for the first time in fourth or fifth grade and I really enjoyed it a lot.

The third book on this list is any Anne Frank diary translation by, well, Anne Frank. This is her diary, her diary of her life in hiding during World War II. This book, you shouldn’t even question whether or not to read it, you should just shut up and read it. Just do it.

Fourth book is one I finished just today: ‘When My Name Was Keoko’ by Linda Sue Park. This book took on a point of view that was new to me in these WWII books. The viewpoint of two siblings in Korea, which is occupied by Japan. This is a fabulous book, and is good for 10+.

I know that these are only a small number of books written on this topic, but these are just the ones I have read so far.