To Be Perfectly Honest by Sonya Sones

This book is a book my friend made me read. And I really enjoyed it. This book is a book in verse, which when executed nicely can be beautiful. And this book was beautiful.

This book is about Colette, daughter of a famous movie star and an addicted liar. She can rarely tell the truth, and does it to escape her mother’s huge shadow. But Colette says she does it since it’s the most fun she can have. Then her mom makes her cancel her plans for the summer so she and her little brother can go to a small town in California for the filming of a movie her mom is in. Colette had plans to go to Paris, but is forced to cancel. Colette is bored with the small town, then she meets Connor. He’s a little bit older, rides a motorcycle, and to Colette, is the best thing in the town. But is Connor really who he seems?

This book is best for 12/13+. It has swearing, and some things almost happen between Connor and Colette. But this book is very good.


Orchards by Holly Thompson

This book was sad. It was about guilt and grief. About a hard subject. About how the mean girls at school feel when the girl they said some thoughtless things to, kills herself.

This book is about a cliquey group of friends, but mostly about Kana, a half-Japanese, half-Jewish American girl who after that event happens, gets sent to work on her grandmother’s Mikan orchard. The girl who committed suicide was Ruth, a girl who’s bipolar. The boy she was with was helping her since his sister has it also. On Kana’s family orchard, hard work distracts her from what happened. But she still thinks about it, and often directs her thoughts to Ruth. This book is very sad.I nearly cried during parts of it. This book is written in free verse, which makes this a not-that-hard book to read.

This book is beautifully written. It hits hard on a sad topic. The only thing is, it’s really sad. I would say 12/13+.

Zorgamazoo By Robert Paul Weston

Zorgamazoo is a really fantastic book. This book is entirely written in poem form and is very funny at times. The 2 main characters are Katrina Katrell, a young girl who runs away from her sitter, and Mortimer Yorgle, a creature who is sent out on a mission by his sick dad. These two pair up to solve the mystery of why the Zorgles, creatures that live under the ground, are disappearing.

They go on an adventure and meet lots of creatures and eventually solve it. This book is really good, and I say great for kids 9-10+, because although it’s in prose, there are a lot of big complicated words.