Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I, in general, don’t like or read sad books. I don’t like being sad when I could be reading a happy book. If someone saw me with with a book, they would most likely see me trying not to bust out laughing versus holding in tears. But, this book made me laugh and cry, which is awkward if you’re reading with someone else in the room. I loved this book and devoured every single word, despite it being a sappy, lovey-dovey, cancer book. Despite it being a book with two doomed star-crossed lovers, their love bound to end. A book with two so deeply in love, yet it is bound to die. It’s bound to break apart.

I found out the ending of this book before I even had any chance (or interest) to read it. When I went to my friend’s house for a few days, she pretty much forced me to read it. Before I could finish it, we watched the movie. I loved it (and kind of cried), and wanted to read the rest of the book. But I couldn’t finish the it before I had to go. So, I put the book on my Christmas list, and I got it. I read it on a long car drive and loved every word.

This book follows Hazel and Augustus as they fall in love. They’re both cancer patients, Augustus on the mend and Hazel slowly getting worse. They share interests and travel together to Denmark. They talk, text, and help each other. This book is filled with both sad moments and funny moments. With moments cute and heartbreaking.

This book has swearing, drinking, romance, kissing, implied stuff, and the whole cancer, sickness, sadness thing. I would say 13 or 14+. But, this is an amazing book that I would recommend. I can not wait to read some of John Green’s other books.


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